Legokidize aka A Weirdo Kid Productions ( Nicholas Rayer ) is a 13 year old teen who loves to make movies and play video games like teens. some of his project was maybe he sill working on. or canceled. but he trying for new ideas.

Past and future Projects
The critic live action

The Critic "live action".


Trackmaster T&F - Canceled

Trackmaster T&F the movie - Canceled

The Critic Reviews - cooming in 2012/2013 ( or 2014.)

Oliver. A Bum : A professional commentar - 2012/2013 ( or 2014. )

Super Mario Plash Adventures - ? ? ?

The people who inspire was : Doug Walker ( Nostagia Critic ), James Rolfe ( AVGN ), Smosh, missoliverandblossom ( William Grubb ), trainlover476 ( joey tuner ) and thomasfan8 (Thomas Faneight) the list go on and on.....

- Nicholas Rayer -


Background Information


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